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Transit is essential to keep the Bay Area moving

We Can’t Afford to Lose Transit

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how Bay Area residents live, work and travel. It hit our public transit system hard, decimating transit ridership and, along with it, the transit fare revenue that many of the Bay Area's transit agencies rely on to keep their buses, trains and ferries in service.

We are in an unprecedented moment, with the survival of our transit system as we know it at risk. While many workers, students, and our neighbors who depend on transit continue to ride, others have returned to transit more slowly and less frequently. The Bay Area has one of the highest work-from-home rates in the nation, resulting in fewer commute trips. Current transit ridership in the Bay Area remains at only 53% of pre-pandemic levels, and this, combined with inflation, is making it harder for transit agencies to pay the bills.

Based on current ridership, service levels and cost trends, Bay Area transit agencies are facing budget deficits in the tens of millions of dollars next year, growing to hundreds of millions the year after. Without new funding sources for our transit system, the Bay Area will face devastating transit service cuts, riders will see steep fare hikes, and transit workers will be laid off. Routes that once existed will be cut, and service will be less frequent and reliable.

We can't afford to lose transit—public transportation is essential to keep the Bay Area moving. Learn more about the financial crisis.

All Aboard Bay Area Transit!

We're moving forward together. The Bay Area's transit agencies are working together to provide information regarding transit services schedule updates and tips for passengers. All 27 Bay Area agencies are collaborating to deliver services that will restart our region and get people where they need to go. 

Whether you are commuting multiple days a week, traveling to school, visiting your favorite place, or taking occasional trips, we are here to help. Welcome back, Bay Area. It's great to see you again on transit!

Operator/Service Information

Please visit our Operator/Service Information page for the latest info from each transit provider. 

Coordinating for You

The Bay Area’s transit agencies want more integration throughout the region, and we’re working to advance lots of initiatives to get there. We meet every week to move the work forward and hold ourselves accountable.